Top 5 Science Toys on Rent for Empowering and Encouraging Girl Child

Shopping toys on rent for a girl? Why not skip aisle of doll this time and think about toys that encourage science and mathematics skills in your girl child? Nonetheless, girls are full of curiosity about how the stuff works in this world? Or even the quests like how the heavenly bodies revolve and much more. There is even the possibility where you will fall short of answers and ideas to explain the mystery and their close-to-relevant questions.

So, the best part is to gift them a toy set from a toy library, be it the new noir set or rent toys (which is likely to be less costlier) and let them enter the world of STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and allow them to debunk the flurry of questions that makes a rabbit jump in their mind.

Here is the list of STEM-related toys that will empower and encourage your girl to learn something new and will probably make it easier for you to discern whether your child is more inclined to be a star-gazer or budding biologist or an eager young robotics specialist, according to the toy that fascinates more to them.

  1. Primary Science Set:

Rent Toys

Get for your youngest girl with this set of real science tools perfectly sized for little hands! The set includes lab staples like a beaker, a flask, a large test tube with a stand, and a magnifying glass. It is also coupled with a cool set of goggles so you can teach lab safety from the beginning! The set also consist of double-sided activity cards that ensure you can easily spark an interest in science from a young age.

  1. BugWatch Boxed Set:

Toys on Rent

This set works wonder for backyard explorers, this kit’s tweezers and magnifying lids turn bug catching into big-kid science. This amazing boxed set is great for 6+ year child.

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  1. Microscope:

Science Games

Undeniably, microscopes are a great scientific tool; also they’re perfect for kids with tones of natural curiosity. If you are among the parents who are tired of answering endless “But, why?” questions about your environment then head your children towards this forensic microscope kit and simply watch them what make up their world.

  1. Super Magnet Lab:

Super Magnet

This kit provides myriad of opportunity to explore its first-hand! This 224-piece kit includes magnetic chips, metal ring magnets, mini metal horseshoe magnets, metal bar magnets, and much more. An included activity guide provides lots of ideas for your kids to keep exploring how these magnets work and what they can do.

  1. Periodic Table Building Blocks:

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Have you ever put your thought most wooden blocks feature the A, B, Cs — but why not Au, Be, and Cu? This amazingly mind-jogging set of solid-wood blocks features all the elements of the periodic table, complete with symbol, name, and atomic numbers. These naturally-made and eco-friendly blocks would be a smart choice with an adult chemistry freak person too.

Toys for rent are a good option to put your child’s little hand on these wonderfully designed science toys. They are specially targeted for girl child and their empowerment in India. Why not take a step for making her a great role model?


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